Devotion Are You Devoted?
Huff Post San Francisco
by Larissa Archer
Interview with Gudrun Herold Gudrun Herold interviews Carolena
Gudrun Herold is director of Davadasi Caravan from Germany/France,
Sister Studio fo FatChanceBellyDance® since 2011
huff post SF Bellydancing and Hummus: Third Fridays at Tannourine
Huff Post San Francisco
by Larissa Archer
Nakarali Nakarali: Indulge in an aesthetic from another world.
Shimmy In the Spirit of Bellydance
Carolena in In Dance Mag

Carolena Nericcio Fuses Forms to Inspire New Generations of Belly Dancers By Rob Taylor
In Dance

Performance Video A visit to the FatChanceBellyDance® Studio, video by Eden Robinson
Carolena Umission Person of the Week
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FCBD 25th Anniversary FatChanceBellyDance® 25th Anniversary Party Slideshow
Carolena in Hagalla Magazine

hagalla - das Tribal - Fusion - Belly - Dance Magazine

Interview with Carolena Nericcio
by Marcel Bieger

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'fuse': A Tribal and Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Magazine
Off the Cuff
by Joan M. Schaefer

To most in the Tribal belly dance world, it is a well-known fact that Carolena Nericcio is the creator of American Tribal Style (ATS) belly dance and the founder and director of the iconic troupe FatChanceBellyDance, which is based in San Francisco. Last fall, I attended training at the "mother ship" (ie FatChance studio). On my last day, Carolena Nericcio invited my business partner and me to her home, where we had tea and talked about her life, career, and perhaps some not-so-well-known facts.

Read the interview in the Spring 2011 issue www.fusetribalmag.com

Halima Article
magazine : www.halima.de
editor: helena_lehmann@web.de
Carolena Molly Mitchell
American Tribal Style Belly Dance:
Improvising a Feminine Subjectivity
anita and sandi Willie Brown's Birthday Bash
Lisa Lisa Chen's Journey of Devotion
Harrakat Harrakat
DVD Review: FatChanceBellyDance's Floorwork
Spring 2010
Yip Listen to Carolena and Megha
on the Yip Podcast!
August 2009
Carolena Nericcio oph
Signs of Difference
Carolena Nericcio SFGate
Her hips don't lie - she loves belly dancing
January 10, 2010
zaghareet Zaghareet
Through the Eyes of Carolena Nericcio
March-April 2009
skin & ink Skin & Ink
Belly Dancers by the Bay
July 2007
Indiana Herald
Put Your Belly in Motion
March 2006

San Francisco Independent
World in Motion
Festival spotlights dance, music, cultures from around the globe.
June 3, 2003

Dance magazine
A Dance of Her Own
by India Alexis and Meaghan Madges
November 2002

FatChanceBellyDance proves that the female figure, no matter what size, can be sexy.

The Golden Gate [X]Press Online
Fire in the Belly
by Sharon Anderson

Belly Dance instructor Carolena Nericcio has made a career out of her passion for an ancient dance.

Skin & Ink Magazine
Tattooed Belly Dancers: In Search of a Connection
Words and photos by Tim Coleman
September 2001


An Interview with Carolena Nericcio
By Sheri Waldrop
November 2001

Part 1: American Tribal Style Make-Up and Costuming

Part 2: History